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I started this newsletter in 2018, right after Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade committed suicide within a week of each other. I was struck by how little in the way of honest conversation there was about the practice required to get and stay healthy on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level. As a person who has spent many years doing this kind of inner work, I thought, what’s stopping me from speaking out?

And so Tiny Revolutions was born. What began as a newsletter about my personal experiences with managing depression and anxiety has grown into something more: an exploration of how we can adopt practices and attitudes that can make us not just happier, but stronger, more resilient, and more secure in our place on this wild planet. Ultimately, Tiny Revolutions is about becoming who you are, which is, of course, always changing. We do it step by step by step, and every little bit matters.

What Subscribers Are Saying

“I love reading your writing! Thank you for sharing and spotlighting the good and bad days! Social media is such a farce since it only showcases the glory/victory and not the true real gritty raw day in day out of life. I appreciate your honesty and trust!”

- Laurie N.

“Generous and funny, but never twee or pushy with the angst (In your hands the word angst is renewed).”

- Terrance F.

“This week and weekend have been very heavy and stressful. Your newsletter made me feel connected and grounded. Thank you for being so open and vulnerable in sharing yourself. You’re such a wonderful writer. I felt like you were sitting right next to me talking.”

- Kristen C.

“I recognize and appreciate the bravery it takes to be this honest and vulnerable. And I wanted to thank you for it. What inspires me much more than people who talk about successes, wins, what they've overcome are the people who talk about the opposite. Or just simply being. Because we're all just trying to…be.”

- Miki R.

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The readers of this newsletter are a creative, brave, hilarious group of people who always surprise me with their thoughtful notes and reactions. We’re all doing the best we can to make the most of our time here on earth, and we can help each other make it a little bit better. That’s ultimately what this newsletter is about.

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